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Jaisalmer 3 Days Tour Itinerary for 2023

Jaisalmer is an Indian city famous for its rich cultural and historical heritage. It is a land that has preserved many historical monuments. Additionally, its culture speaks the story of ancient India. Therefore, visitors often feel like they are walking into their dreams. So if you plan a tour here, you must take the Jaisalmer tour package for 3 days which helps you explore all the desert fun and top sightseeing spots.

Getting Around in Jaisalmer

You can hire a taxi or an auto-rickshaw to explore the many tourist attractions in Jaisalmer. Additionally, both options are readily available in the city. However, to get the best deal, it is essential to bargain the rates. Furthermore, you can count on travel packages that come with the benefit of tour guides.

Jaisalmer 3 Days Tour Itinerary

3 Days Itinerary to Help You Plan Your Trip

It’s no mystery that Jaisalmer Tour Packages draws the maximum number of tourists for the vast Thar desert and dunes. However, the city is also famous as a cultural and historical gem. The 3-day itinerary of the Jaisalmer tour ensures you make the most of your visit.

#Day 1

In addition to desert excursions, Jaisalmer is renowned for its Havelis. Additionally, many Havelis spread around the city give a glimpse into the city’s royal history.

The following are a few of the well-known Havelis:

  • Nathmal ki Haveli
  • Patwa ki Haveli

After that, you can explore the magnificent Jaisalmer Fort which is one of the best things to do in Jaisalmer on the 3 days tour. Sonar Qila is another famous name for the fort, and you may see why it is called so by gazing at the fort made of yellow sandstone at dusk.

Jaisalmer Tour Itinerary

Further, the fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being one of the last surviving living forts in the world. The fort houses nearly one-fourth of the city’s inhabitants within its walls. The fort is a mix of residences, temples, bazaars, stores, inns, eateries, and cafes.  

To end the first day, you can head to Gadisar Lake for a peaceful evening. Here you can enjoy the serenity of the surroundings by pedaling the boat at your own pace. You can also stroll around the lake to admire the intricate details of ancient architecture.

#Day 2

Start the day by going to the Thar to enjoy desert fun. Several kinds of overnight desert tours start at various hours of the day and end at different times. For the best experience, you can take a morning or afternoon tour to engage yourself with all the amazement of the desert. These include the following:

  • A camel ride at dusk
  • Paragliding 
  • A Rajasthani-inspired supper over a campfire
  • Spending the night in the desert under the stars

The following morning you get to experience the refreshment of waking up in a desert, making your trip memorable.

#Day 3

After returning from the desert safari, you can visit Kuldhara, an abandoned village. It was established in the 13th century, and back then, Paliwal Brahmins were its habitat. Today you can find the remains of their houses, which is a tourist attraction. 

Afterward, you can head to Lodhruva village, India’s gateway for the ancient Silk Road. The village is also surrounded by numerous temples, particularly Jain temples that were originally established before 12the century.

While returning to your hotel, you can visit the market near Jaisalmer Fort for a shopping spree. You will find many handcrafted leather items, scarves, jewelry, etc. To end your trip on a happy note, you can spend the evening eating authentic delicacies in the relaxing ambiance of a rooftop restaurant.


Jaisalmer is a land that efficiently preserves ancient culture through architecture. Therefore, a trip to this place can make you forget the world you live in. Additionally, to get the best experience of the Desert Festival, you must book a Jaisalmer tour package for 3 days in February.


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